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“So your mother taught you to suck dick,” I guessed loudly, “Uhughmmmmnnngh,” Bridget answered.He wanted to see her show.Out in the dark, I looked and listened until I was satisfied that we were alone.I kicked off my shoes.Emily decided that she didn't much like this guy after all and began to shuffle away from him.“And smell so good.”He liked her and thought she was going to be a great teacher.Maybe I can finally get a girlfriend!It was a typical boring Saturday night.I think I might have been a bit embarrassed being pulled around by a lead but I didn’t get a chance to find out.e) there is corroborating forensic evidence and accredited eye-witness testimony.’”Then he had her stand in front of him facing away spread her legs and bend over.She whispered okay as I removed them and tossed them to the side.When the time came for me to go home I went to the back office and saw my skirt and blouse on the desk.He settled in beside Emma, and began nibbling on her neck while h

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