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“I bet you missed this too.”I lightly kiss her neck, sucking in some of her skin as her hand slides up my neck, ruffling through my hair.“No,” I moaned."No God No He'll kill me. Please Please No."I didn't hear that, did you say vagina, Emma?"He was incredulous as he listened to her talking to their kids.“Right it's on it's way, let's hope it's a guy delivering it,” she said hanging up the phone, If he asks your the slave and I'm your mistress while my husband is away OK.”Finally able to catch my breath, I asked her: “Is that it?Cum!”She was breathing more rapidly, her deep brown eyes were wide with excitement and wonder at what she was feeling.Alethea put her badge on her uniform and admired herself in the mirror, placed her hat on her head then strutted from the locker room into rollcall.As a result, I want you to follow my instructions from now on.As Yavara tested the depths of Prestira, Prestira decided to do some exploring of her own.Ok, once we catch up to them,

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