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“Yes, yes, yes!”She remembered them."Tony, you... you find these arousing?"In the drizzling rain, I cried out into the night, "OOOOH GOD NO! NO MAX!Is she interested in you???“I believe your name is Subcommander Teloy.…………The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay.Doused with the potent geiko(named so after the disappearance of the Geisha;women of art )their mind were focused on one thing and one thing alone;pleasure and more specifically my pleasure after spending most of their lives in the chambered ruins of Okashio being trained to do exactly that.Call me a smart investor.I scooched up the bed and lay with my elbows propping me up so I could better enjoy the show.The young male slave was Tierah, a name I chose when he was first brought to me by the high priestesses of Okashio and the three girls surrounding him were Su ,Yun , and Mer(named her so after she first sucked my cock).I

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