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In fact, not so much as a black janitor.Maybe I'll finally have a wet dream after all this god damn denial.8========D

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"Great" Amelia said as she gave her father a big smile, "just stand behind me and watch, I'll tell you when I need your help" Amelia told her father and he walked behind her.I could now see the couple clearly, mid thirties they looked contented, hand in hand.It wasn't me. It was my condition.No way that was what she said.He lifted my knees and positioned himself between my legs.“Oh fuck,” I thought as I remembered the TV crew.she's a slave to her orgasms.”That dick I was lusting for.Thankfully, her flow had eased, so she slipped a handful of Kotex U’s into her purse, and they set out.I pulled back, and surged forward again, and again, and again; smashing my crotch against them, burying myself into their delicate nethers, lurching their bodies with every thrust to sound a duet of cries, one low and sultry, one high and pleading, but both of the same voice.She sighed loudly and stood on her toes.“That would mean watching me have sex with another woman…or having me watch you h

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