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I had him get up for a moment."Come on baby took the entire length into your mouth; massage it with your warm saliva," he squealed.Harry must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes the sun was rising.She sprang from the page of my journal and appeared in the flesh, her red outfit looking great with those long, blonde pigtails.When I woke-up and went down stairs, Jenny was sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee with 2 14 year old girls; all were as I expected, naked.He took in the sticky tape holding her twat open and the clip on her clit, and his recently satisfied cock began to stiffen again.She smiled at him, and said “Well, Daddy, I guess it’s the Ladies room for me,” and walked away.The Next Morning- yes what would you like to see?He pulled me back into his arms.Fuck… My dad… I never forgave him.Jack made his way over to the bar, picked up a cordless mic and returned to the centre of the platform next to our table, switching it on.Meanwhile my heart has acce

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