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Ian seemed to brighten a degree, but was still clearly uncomfortable.“I mean, I sort of understand,” Madison said.Who’s going to be your best man, Jack?”Now he was watching her hips sway and her clothes clinging to her slim waist with intense interest.“Luke...come to the living room, we need to talk.”She never made it all the way down.Lisa had an 8:15 am flight back to Dallas read this and I needed to get back to Bandera early to finish up signing the Lease for the Medina Ranch.I was going to make cheesy baked potato slices."Just do it," I urged.I’m an evil bastard.Cut strips of meat, grill 'em, and they're done when they start to burn."Dottie added, “You boys behave yourselves or you can just start fucking each other and us girls won’t have anything to do with the lot of you.She struck some VERY sexy poses for him, getting more and more into it with each one.“It’s so good to see you, Shay, even under such sad circumstances.”He would have dripped on his sister if he remov

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