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Slave or not Tracey was sure that she couldn't of sat there so casually with nothing on, for a second she almost forgot why she was there but was reminded when the receptionist asked her name and she was told to take a seat.In the years when we were still a family, Gara and I could spend hours doing nothing but brushing each other’s hair, enjoying the euphoric calm this would produce with its warm tingling at the most intimate place between our legs – a tingling that told us we were ending our time as children and we had become women.My panties are absolutely soaked.”When I awoke, in my bed, it was the next day.It was awkward and felt strange, but soon the widest part of the plug was in and her asshole snapped closed around the base.I feel like I am being torn apart down under.Just as important: what would Dad think?“Or you can stay our... let's say prisoner, for this day.It wasn't X, but the voice belonged to the other man who had been her captor.'I've been patient enough.In a

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