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I looked at a couple of faces in the audience and saw a look of unbelief on one and a big grin on the other.When Carson was angry, he found a way to complain about everything in the first twenty minutes of his tantrum.He freed his arms and flipped Reina onto her back and assumed the dominant position, holding her wrists above her head.Seconds later, her saliva was dripping down his cock and a little had begun to collect on her fingers as she continued to slowly knead his testicles.“I thought you said nobody touched you.”“I… w-want to go home.”“David, the flowers are so beautiful!Without her underwear in the way, my hand had more liberty to delve into her pussy, and to seek out her engorged clit.The rumors run amok had done her quite a disservice.I could definitely feel the presence was moving around and that meant it had to be Arisia.I had never been with a T.S. before and after fucking this gorgeous one with thankfully a small dick that I briefly sucked on, I felt like I w

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