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I guarantee you are in for the night of your life.Why does this suddenly feel less like truth or dare and more like some hostage situation?“They day that elementals take away the souls of any mortals, in revenge for colonizing the world and taking it away from you.”Mmm.”“You look pretty good yourself.The only time she was quiet was when she had a dick in her mouth, which was almost the entire night.Mr Penis alerted me to movement under the blanket, there was a soft feel, then a more firm groping from Manuela, she quickly had my fly open and allowed Mr Penis to spring out into her waiting hand, it held my cock,slowly moving up and down.Sam, can you do me a favor, please?I smiled as she moved off the bed to help me out of my clothing.Don jumped at the unexpected voice.I was getting close when a knock came at the door.“Oh, my gosh, Miss Daisy!” I gasped, swaying.You’re so nice to us and you seem to ‘get’ us.”We grew up together, Christ, you’re like a brother to me an