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"Yes, Papa."She leaned over further and licked my daughter's ear, breasts pressing into Laurita's back.All about how I was the man, nailing both Anna and Jess.She would maneuver her mother into the act...she was sure of that.That weak, pot bellied drunkard was a gross mismatch for his dynamite cousin.Raucous applause.And again.Then I slowly guided one finger inside her, it was so wet and slippery inside.Candy turned, but a groan from the mattress terminated her retreat.“Keith Barrett here.”Chloe stared at her, surprisedIt was Ava's new proxy now.I said I guess we were."I love your potty mouth."The woman then knelt beside me, put her hand on my forehead then held my wrist checking my pulse.“There anything else I can help you with, anything at all?” she pried.I'd like to see him."January 28, 2018 1:17 AMWhile that was a stroke of bad luck for everyone, it was not all bad for Kathy and her young son.How many you want?”"No idea," he muttered.James was grateful for the blonde's de

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