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Swinging her own body around so that her sex was mere inches from Rachael’s mouth.Charlie didn't consider himself to have OCD or anything like that, but he was a guest in this house, albeit courtesy of Air BnB, and the second he had caught sight of the owner, he had known he wouldn't be leaving any messes for her to find."No, it's nothing like that."She is still blindfolded but could hear him pulling something from under the bed setting it between her ankles.Clara went to the drawer and pulled out my chains with clamps on the ends and said,She was standing in a bikini top and shorts.She turned to look at me with her electric blue eyes.I felt the bed move slightly as he got onto it and lay down next to me."I'll be fine; Ishtar won't kill me. But you need to get out of there right now!Then I sat Dean up on the edge of the hot tub and sucked him like there was no tomorrow.“If it’s just a matter of a couple of hours fucking them, let him do it and we’ll be on our way.”Her sons we

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