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I would think that this is the last place you would want to be."“Spurt all that yummy cum into her cunt!”“On the couch please my dear and spread your legs that I may examine you,” Dr Legge requested as he thrust his hand down his breeches to re arrange his manhood.A warmth took over me as she spews out more cum deep inside my ass.My role in all this is to observe and record for posterity more everything that happens."That was for last night's wonderful surprise.“You’re manning the booth today?” I asked her when we parted.And then he asked only loud enough for me to hear, "Where have you been all my life?"Then Harry told me that Will would be spending the night in my bed.Both knowing that for the lie it was.Her 38O (My story.I’ll leave now if it’s what you want, I won’t make a fuss but I want you to ask me to stay, see if we can work things out between us.” She put her hand on my armThat got me some serious hugs and kisses from them, all the while pressing there barley

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