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I can’t think harshly of her for doing such when I, all of us, must be secretly going through the same process of calculating our chances.“Silly you, I was watching.Her body craving more and more as he burried himself down to his knuckles and withdrew.I stroked up and down her silky skin as she ground that wonderful cunt on my mouth.It was the first day of classes and this was Milo’s last class of the day.Or naïve.Their naked feet padded with their excitement.“And she’s so damn good at it.I went to the bar and ordered two rum and cokes.Dan was about to protest when he looked and saw Dr. Brooks was stripping.He watched the water run down her belly and into her jean shorts, then run down her legs.I tasted salty precum.So much better than Brett.Oh shit, I had to think quickly.I squirmed on her body, her breasts pressed into my stomach.Her nipples were hard.Cuddling and snuggling can be nice, but it’s another thing that can also feel awkward especially after the first time.She

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