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If she came upstairs and saw us like this there would be no excuses.Aingeal's body lay battered in a garden, her face covered in blood, her butterfly wings looking bent and ragged."You ready to begin?"As we retreat I grab a fallen torch and toss it onto one of the tents.I just feel so bad about all this shit and… this is the only way I can think to make it right.Would his board of directors be there again?The woodlands surrounding the fields were lit with thousands of campfires, and the torches were like fireflies between the campsites.Four tokes from the bowel and we were as stoned as the faces carved on Mount Rushmore."So, I'll take that shopping trip as a success then?"He seemed puzzled.Sometime soonI asked her what was wrong and she came back with “Do you ever talk to any of the beautiful people at school?Before long both Ryan’s hands were pulling and tweaking my exposed nipples and my top was round my neck.May I?” Georgia's asshole clenched about my probing tongue.“Sonja

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