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He had witnessed this magic once before – when an old man used it to repair a damaged statue.She glanced at the time and smiled.“Just a little, it’s not gonna hurt anything, or make things weird, I swear,” Kelly pleaded teasingly.“Ava...“Oh she’s at Whitney’s house as usual,” Nisha remarks with a bit of annoyance.I released the first and moved to the other one.They were barely more than bumps.He looked up at her, blinking curiously, his eyes torn between the rueful expression she held and the thick bulge just in front of his face, his ears twitching as he heard the distinctive sound of a couple going at it in the showers.Carly was ready to start showing him all of the kinky new birthday presents the girls had gotten her, but he stopped her.It was in the last month of her training, when she had already passed every test of confidence and knowledge that a Dragonbride must submit to, her position among the ranks already assured, when she was told the final secrets a Drag

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