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You have to understand that the last time I had sex, as in, real sex with a real guy with a real dick was when I got pregnant.A slut.Normally a car making a U-turn wouldn’t’ really make me wonder, but seeing it twice made me question things.“Hun, I’ve got to go.Her sweet cream spilled over my cheeks.So aroused.I shuddered as they stared at me with such hunger.“I’m a little nervous too,” I laughed, “I’ve never had sex either.”They did have old rickety shutters, but they were a pain in the ass to open and close.You were trying to fix it, and that just led you into this horrible place where you embraced being this wild girl.I giggled girlishly and reached into my drawer.“OH!Vicky was laying in a pool of her cum and some of mine, her pussy was oozing my cum out of it and onto the bed,There was something magical about his fingers.It was not exceptional for me to be at the racetrack with him at 1 am in the morning, after starting work at 8 am, and crying in a corner, ex

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